Christian Bois : publications

« Publish or perish ! » says the proverb.

Up to the individual situation, it’s more or less true.

Only a part of my work went through « official » publication.

A surprising number

Each and every 20 seconds someone accesses a text, audio, photo, didactic drawing or video where I am the author or co-author.
Source : Annual report Une Fabrique de Communs 2019

European Zenodo : Documents in English & ORCID

Bois, Christian


In 2019, I decided to experiment :


Google scholar.

Research gate

Publications « out of the box »

An important part of my work is done through research-action (or action research).
Documents are created « on the flow » and published on dedicated online sites for each project.
These sites are written in French – 1239 texts + other types of documents (2019 report).